Bristol Colour Capital is an initiative to increase the number of colourful houses in the city and establish Bristol as the ‘Colour Capital’ of the UK.

By encouraging the installation of external insulated render at the same time, homes could become more energy efficient too. A win-win!

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So, why are we doing this?

The idea was born from Stride Treglown’s recently published book, '52 Big Ideas for Bristol', in which Colour Capital was voted the favourite idea. The city is already halfway there with many amazing coloured streets to be found (think Totterdown, Cliftonwood, Easton), and increasing these would show off Bristol’s reputation for fun, creativity and self-expression.

By encouraging residents to make use of Bristol City Council’s 'Warm Up Bristol' scheme and improve the energy efficiency of their home at the same time, people could also save money and provide a step towards the city reaching its target to be carbon neutral by 2050.

So, why are we doing this? 01
So, why are we doing this? 02
So, why are we doing this? 03

What are the benefits?

  • Make us happier and reduce crime – unsurprisingly, studies have shown that colour can make us feel good, feel inspired and feel safer.
  • A healthier home – with external insulation you can enjoy a warmer, less draughty home that is cheaper to run.
  • Tourism – Pretty, photogenic places draw more visitors. There could be colour maps, walking trails, exhibitions and much more.
  • There’s already a lot of support – evident in the many new colourful homes that are appearing all the time, and the idea being voted most popular out of Stride Treglown’s 52 Big Ideas for Bristol book. Who could possibly object?
  • We’ve already been Green Capital of Europe – so now let’s be Colour Capital! The titles would link well together.
  • It brilliantly contrasts with Bath – which is all about one single colour, creamy Bath stone. Bristol’s full colour palette is the exact opposite – each approach with its own appeal and beautifully complimentary.
  • It’s easily do-able – in lots of small cumulative changes instigated by individual households, each new colourful home making the idea stronger. So what’s stopping us?

Who's involved?

Who's Involved 01
  • Stride Treglown – The largest architectural practice in Bristol, whose Clifton head-office proposed it as an idea in their '52 Big Ideas for Bristol' book and are keen to influence sustainable change in the city. 
  • Jessica Siggers – Bristol photographer specialising in colour, who has already done a lot to promote Bristol as a Colour Capital through her work, social media, exhibitions and articles.
  • Bristol City Council – Advocates of the idea, who are supporting the initiative through their already successful Warm-Up Bristol scheme.
  • You! – the whole city by either getting behind the idea or as individual homeowners by making your house colourful.

Next Steps

What you can do to Support the Colour Capital Initiative
  • If you already own a colourful home, fill in our questionnaire below.
  • If you’re a homeowner, get started today. Either check out Bristol City Council’s ‘Warm Up Bristol’ scheme and see if you are eligible for a grant to insulate and paint your home. Or crack open the paint pots and paint your home a nice bright colour!
    * When your neighbours comment, encourage them to do the same and spread the word!

* Note that in Conservation Areas and for certain types of home permission must sometimes be sought before making changes to the appearance of your house. Seek advice from Bristol City Council if you are not sure.

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